Memorial Management - Order Processing

The NEW SNA Masonry Management System - Version #3


THE ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM contains a series of 'tabs' of information relevant to your job. Whilst there might appear to be lots of data to cope with, actually very little of it is essential so you may choose to ignore it if you wish.

The first tab contains the following features:-

Contact Details - Either create a new customer (screen below) or search for an existing one

Analysis Codes - Allows you to 'tag' your order for future business analysis

Special Instructions - The important and special requirement notes (can show in red on Job Card)

Cemetery Details - Select a Cemetery by name or area from your own customised Cemetery Database.

Letter Printing / Emailing - You can access a bank of pre-created letters to view, print or email direct to your customer.

Job Card - You can design your own Job Card or use one of our standard templates. Batch printing available

Cemetery Application - Record the dates applications were sent and received - Links to scheduler.

Approvals Monitor - Track the status of your order - Red when not done and Green on completion

One to One Supplier Ordering - Send a request for quote or order to your supplier using editable job detaills

All correspondence can be sent to the Customer, Grave / Lair owner or Cemetery. You have the choice of Viewing, Creating a PDF, Printing or Emailing to the addressee.

You can view an example Letter or Jobcard by clicking in the letter or Jobcard area above.




THE JOB DETAILS SCREEN operates similar to a spreadsheet in that  you can enter up to 30 lines of text at 60 characters per line. You may price any line you wish, select an analysis code (which can create a link to Sage) and then apply an individual line discount if required.

You are able to move lines up / down and insert or delete lines as required.

The panel on the right offers a summary of all the key figures of the order. You can also calculate the insurance from the Stoneguard table and either add it to the job or offer as an extra.

Bottom left of the screen is where you can select the appropriate fee/s

On the bottom right you can attach up to two layout doduments. If these are saved in .jpg format they can be embedded into your documents. Click here or on the Layout section above for  an example document




THE INSCRIPTION SCREEN is where you enter the details of your inscription. You can either type this in or import it from an email or your letter cutting software.  Once you have imported the inscription, select a type and style of lettering, which you can setup and amend yourself.

The system will count the number of letters at the touch of a button, and apply the cost per letter in order to arrive at the overall inscription cost.   For more detailed inscriptions you can use the 'Multi-line' facility which allows you to cost your lettering per line.

You are able to enter the details of the existing inscription for reference, and you also have an area where you can type detailed inscription notes which can appear on your jobcard if required.

Once entered you can either print the inscription, or email it to the customer for reference.

You are able to pre-determine characters you don't charge for, and also the number of free letters (if you offer them)


THE FINANCIAL SUMMARY SCREEN offers you a quick view of all the financial elements of your order.  Once the job is complete, you can enter the order costs and thus arrive at the profit of the job.

The bottom of the screen allows the calculation of the commissions if applicable.


THE ACCOUNTS POSTING SCREEN is broken down into individual sections as follows :-

Payments - You can enter payment either pre or post invoice. The VAT is correctly worked out as applicable.

Refunds - All Payments may be refunded if required.

Invoices - You can set up as many invoice layouts as you wish (including Proforma's), then print or email and post to the customer account.

Credits - You are able to credit either ALL or part of the order

Additional Invoices - Once the order has been closed and invoice sent, you can still invoice the same customer for extra items.

If you make a mistake, you can simply reverse (undo) the entry.

You have various print options  including...


Account Listing

Debt Letters

Re-Print Invoices

Re-Print Credit Notes

Re-Print Receipts



THE CONTACT MANAGER SCREEN allows all users of the software to record the details of  all conversations held with customers.  You can record..

Date and Time Contact made - The system will default these to the date and time you make the entry - This can be changed

Contact Made By - Defaults to the user, or enter your name .

Contact Type - Simply select form a pull down menu

Contact With - Enter the Name of the person that the conversation was held with or the letter/email was addressed to / from

Conversation - You may enter a lot of text here relating to the conversation held

Document - If you receive any documentation from your customer you can scan it and save to a folder, and attach a link to it here.


You may diary a follow-up to the conversation entering details of what you must do and what you need to discuss.  These follow-ups will be tracked in the optional contact manager.


The Customer Database Screen

THE CUSTOMER DATABASE SCREEN is fully accessable from all modules of the system. This comes in very handy if you wish to make a quick change to any of the details or even select / create a different customer.

You can store the following details:-

Customer Name - This is broken down into Title, Initials, First Name, Surname and Salutation (the way you address them when writing)

Company and Web - Enter the company details for a trade or corporate customer.

Address - Up to 5 lines of address plus a Postcode field - The latter allows google maps to locate the customer on a single click!

Contact With - Enter the Name of the person that the conversation was held with or the letter/email was addressed to

Bill to Details - As you type in the main address, so these are filled out. You can amend them as necessary.

Account Number - The account used for the optional interface to Sage.

Analysis - You are able to select a default Source and Location for the customer for use on the business analysis reports.

Contact Details - You are offered the ability to store 3 phone number, FAX number and email address. The 'dot' allows you to hightlight the main number.

Notes - There is space here to write any notes about the customer that are relevant to the project.

History - These fields are populated automatically by the system.


The Photos Screen

THE PHOTOS SCREEN allows you to add as many photos from the job as you wish..

You can store the following details:-

Heading - You can type a few words as a heading as to what this picture is of

Location and Filename of the picture - Simply browse your computer to locate the picture you wish to save. It will be displayed on the screen .

Notes on the Picture - You can write a short report here on what the picture is all about and any other relevant comments.

The pictures can be printed or emailed to your customer. The printout / email will also have the notes and heading. It is also possible to merge the pictures into a document / jobcard. 

The Job Schedule Screen - Schedule Look up

THE JOB SCHEDULE SCREEN allows you to create a list of jobs that need to be done in order to make the order complete on time.  There is a standard schedule system which allows you to group lists of jobs relating to a certain type of order together.

The above screen illustrates how this works

The Job Schedule Screen

It allows you to create a list of jobs that need to be done in order to make the order complete on time. Each job has the following componants:-

Schedule Type - This is the heading of the job

Automated Date - The system will calculate the date the job is due using one of the following:

Days After Order

Days before Fixing

Days after fixing

Job is Due on - This is worked out by the above and can be manually over-ridden.

Schedule Function - When the job is marked as done, this will tick the relevant box on screen one as follows:-

Customer Confirmed

Application Sent

Application Approved

Layout Sent

Layout Approved

Material Ordered

Material Arrived

Job Fixed

Job to be Done By - You can select a member of the business to do the job

Details of Job - You may enter details of the job here

The above can be saved and will constantly give you a real time picture of what needs to be done. You can see an overview of all the schedules in the system Scheduler (See Schedule page)

The matrix on the right gives a view of all the jobs or just the jobs that have yet to be done (the default)

You can also print lists of jobs to be done.

The Cemetery Database Screen

THE CEMETERY DATABASE SCREEN allows you to view or edit any of the details of the Cemetery.

The Cemetery Database is split into the following areas:-

Fixing Area - You can allocate the cemeteries into logical fixing areas to help you plan your work load .

Cemetery Fee Group and Fees - To make fee management easy, each set of fees is allocated to a group, and then you can attach the cemetery to the relevant group..

Location Address - This is where the Cemetery is located and all the relevant contact details.

Accounts Office Details -  This is where the payments are made and all the relevant contact details.

General / Fixing Notes - Lots of space to write up about restrictions and other general information.

Payment Details - You can store all the relevant payment details for easy reference

Links to Documents - If the Cemetery permits it, you can scan the application forms and save them to a location on your hard disc. You can then link them to the relevant cemeteries. When it comes to application time simply click to open and print the relevant form.

Google Map Links - You can click on either of the Google buttons in order to view the locations on Google Maps.

The Cemetery Database is accessable from all the main modules in the system

Contact Details

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