Memorial Management - Order Schedule System

The NEW SNA Masonry Management System - Version #3



The ORDER JOB SCHEDULE SYSTEM (Screen One) offers the ability to list live orders by the following status flags:-

  • Not Confirmed - Orders where the customer has not confirmed
  • No Application - Orders where the Cemetery application has not yet been made
  • Not Approved - Orders with no Cemetery Approval
  • No Material - Orders where the material is not available
  • Layout Not Sent - Orders whose layout has not been sent
  • Layout Not Received - Orders where a signed layout has not yet been received
  • Job Cards not Printed - All orders with no printed job card
  • Inscription Not Done - All orders where the Inscription has not been completed.
  • All Orders - View all open orders

If you right click on any of the lines you are offered a pop-up menu with a number of options as follows:-

Access the Order for Edit - This will open the order and allow you to view or edit the whole order

Print a Job Card for this Order - You can print a job card from here

Access the Quick Edit Screen - This allows the editing of key features

View the Job Details and Inscription - Quick view of job details and inscription

This is a useful tool to quickly view the open orders and check the status. - A big time saver



The ORDER JOB SCHEDULE SYSTEM (Screen Two) gives an overview of all the jobs to be done as allocated in the order processing system.  You can view the following data:-

  • Date - The date the job is due to be done
  • Time - (Optional) The time the job is due to be done
  • Job to be Done - The Job that needs doing as specified in order processing
  • Job For - (Optional) You can allocate the job to an individual
  • Notes - Space for any specific notes on the job
  • Will Set Status to - When the job is marked as done, it can change one of the status flag (see above - Screen One)
  • Order No - Reference to the relevant order
  • Deceased - The name of the deceased.
  • Fix By - The fixing date
  • Cemetery - The relevant cemetery

You have a variety of filters available allowing you to select a specific job type, Job for and date range for the due dates. You can also sort the list in a variety of different ways.


The above illustrates how the filters work. The selection is for 'Material Arrives - Ready to Work'. Once you have established the date range you require you are offered a list of jobs to be done. You can alter the position on the list by dragging the lines up or down.

You are then able to select a printout  print the list as follows:-

Having created your selection, you can print it out. To do so all you need to do is to select the print format required and then select how you want it printed, or even email it to a member of staff!

Below is an example of one of the reports you can get.


This is one of the most important parts of the system as it gives you a complete overview of all your outstanding work.  You have various filters.

You can sort you orders by

  1. Order Number
  2. Order Date
  3. Fixing Date
  4. Contact
  5. Deceased
  6. Cemetery
  7. Fixing Area (This is fixing area / Cemetery / Fixing Date - Great for scheduling work!)
  8. Branch
  9. Supplier
  10. Material
  11. Category
  12. Headline

This module can become your 'control centre' allowing you an overview of all your work. You can edit the fixing date and the various schedule points here, and if you need to can open the order for detail viewing or editing.

It is also possibly to select the jobs you want to work on or fix form here, and then print all the job cards for the team to know what jobs they need to do, as work as a worksheet.

Once everything is scheduled, you can print a fixing calender

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