Memorial Management - Memorial Maintenance

The NEW SNA Masonry Management System - Version #3

The Memorial Maintenance Module

The Memorial Maintenance System - offers the opportunity to earn extra income from your existing customers whilst minimising the effort in doing so. Why not clean a memorial or two whilst fixing in a cemetery?

To setup a new contract, all you need to do is to look up the original memorial order. The system populates the memorial, inscription and customer details which you can then edit to suit.  Simply assign a pre-determined contract type and the dates and financial side are good to go! Contracts can also be manually setup.

You can create a variety of different contract periods and prices.  You can also setup the month/s that the cleaning visits are to be made.

Once that is done, it is a simple matter of running a report listing the jobs that need doing. On completion (or up-front) you can invoice them and post the subsequent payments. The contract will carry on for as many years as you wish it to run. Each months cleaning jobs can be scheduled in with your normal fixing and will appear on the 'Weeks Work' calendar.

The Memorial maintenance screen showing job, contract type, fees and inscription

The above is the accounts screen showing a full list of all invoices and payments

You can save pictures of the memorial on the photos page

The contact page allows you to record details of all conversations you have made

This screen allows you to plan your months contract cleaning

The contract job will appear on the calender with the rest of the work

Contact Details

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